Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Online Advantage for IIT JEE Preparation

Many students in metros, especially Mumbai and Bangalore, aspiring to take IIT JEE 2015 are taking to self-preparation and looking at alternative coaching options including increasingly popular online coaching portals. This largely a fallout of the failure of coaching classes to cater to learning styles and needs of every student, struggling with large student batches and inept faculty.  With the advent of online coaching and setting up of leading online coaching portals and the many advantages and gaps it covers, the shift is already noticeable. This is also the perfect solution for students who have the grit and are confident to prepare for IIT JEE by themselves but need the expert guidance and personalized attention to solve critical doubts.  Especially since IIT JEE is the most competitive engineering test exams in Asia. The JEE 2015 will be attempted by over 14 Lac students from India.  

Swati Rane, a seventeen year old science student is one such aspirant. Not wanting to join the traditional coaching class set up for pursuing IIT JEE due to lack of personalized attention and effectiveness, which cost her elder sister a seat at IITs, she decided to fly solo and attempt one of the toughest engineering entrances in Asia with some guidance and her own merit. However, months into preparation she also realized that things weren't going as planned.  "While I was clear about not joining the run-of-the-mill coaching institute packed with large student batches and segregating students based on how many marks they score, which is so preferential I also understood that it makes a huge difference to have an expert guide you and help you understand where you stand and the strategy accordingly. I joined Spanedea, known for its customized learning solutions and have been so pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of their personalized programs and their counselors. 

According to experts, now is the time to begin preparing intensively for IIT JEE Mains and time well managed and well spent now will make all the difference. Online coaching has proven to be the most reliable and effective means of coaching for competitive exams in terms of providing personalized programs by IIT faculty, accessible from the comforts of one's home.  For e.g. Spanedea has a rigorous 'Bridge course' for students in 11th grade moving to 12th grade, which helps them catch up with any concepts missed in the year. The course would cover all essential and critical topics from 11th grade in PCM and problem solving sessions conducted by expert faculty from IIT. Also, check the counsellors/faculties' profiles and credibility.  Neepa Shah, a renowned JEE counselor who has counselled over 1000 IIT JEE aspirants  on the leading coaching portal, Spanedea, says, "A rising number of students are shifting to online education/coaching and since structured, personalized coaching is key to cracking such competitive tests – centric to online education. There is no match to the customized preparation strategy, tips and mentoring provided by expert  faculty who have passed from IIT. Now is the perfect time to begin intensive preparations for IIT JEE Mains 2015." 

So, why wait? If you want to crack the IIT and be assured of doing so at your own pace and comfort while being tutored by experts who have already done so, rush now! It is not late and there is still time to catch up on the basics. Enroll yourself on a leading coaching portal and be ready to crack IIT on your own terms! 

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