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Learn from the people who cracked CAT successfully

They are the people who have soft but smooth voice & sheer determination. They achieved success because they were confident of what they want in life. They had a proper cat preparation plan in place. And the important thing was that during the process they did not take unnecessary tensions.
They are the people who cracked CAT exam successfully.
In this article you will learn from the people who cracked CAT successfully, their CAT preparation strategy & the things they did in a smart way. All these points will greatly help you to devise a proper CAT preparation plan & score a high percentile in CAT 2014 exam.
He scored 98% in CAT exam five times in a row!
Aroop Chaudhari is now 34 years old. He is known as an expert CAT exam cracker who pursued his biomedical engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College in Mumbai. Aroop since 2006 appeared for CAT five times & consistently scored more than 98% every time. His most recent was a 99.36% in CAT 2010. However, Aroop believes that whichever CAT exam year it is, the logic remains the same.  
He believes that CAT exam requires you to be ' a smart being' & not 'an intelligent robot'. Therefore, it lies in the selection of right CAT questions which will give you a high percentile in CAT 2014 exam. You cannot bluff as there are negative marks for each wrong answer. Hence, it’s wiser to answer only the selected CAT questions in CAT 2014 exam.
Scoring a high percentile in CAT is not difficult
You can easily score a high percentile when you devise a proper CAT preparation plan & work according to it. Let’s have a look at Aroop’s CAT preparation strategy.
Aroop’s CAT preparation strategy & how he improved consistently over the years
In the initial period, Aroop used to refer Arun Sharma’s books & by and some study material.
Aroop’s preparation for Graduate Record Examinations or GRE helped him to improve his English language & Verbal Ability skills.
Aroop expressed that over the years, giving these exams including CAT exam greatly helped to improve performance & scores. He learnt from his mistakes. Hence, practice enabled him to devise a better CAT preparation strategy every time! Similarly, your CAT preparation plan will act as a launch pad to score high percentile in CAT 2014 exam.
Avoid simple calculation mistakes & improve concentration
Most of the CAT exam toppers have expressed that they made errors in simple calculations in their previous attempts. Hence, you should be able to identify where you’re going wrong. This will help to minimize or nullify basic calculation errors. One can only master this with practice by giving CAT mock test papers. Also you should improve your concentration for CAT exam 2014. CAT exam is all about basic formulae & calculations & concentration. Hence, if your fundamentals are strong then no one can stop you from scoring high percentile in CAT 2014 exam.
If you think CAT preparation is difficult to manage with regular graduation studies then think again!
Pooja Pai, a CAT exam topper scored 99.89 percentile. She was able to manage efficiently for her CAT exam along with her graduation studies. Pooja travelled for about three hours a day with eight hours of college! This was followed by the load of assignments & projects in college throughout her pre-final &final year. However, she managed to allocate time for her CAT coaching as well as her overall CAT preparation. Pooja used to solve CAT questions while travelling & a few CAT questions in between the lectures. She utilized her vacations fruitfully for her CAT preparations & giving CAT mock test papers. "All this greatly helped to score a 99.89 percentile easily" Pooja said.
Some important time management strategies from CAT exam toppers
Many students begin to solve the CAT exam paper as the test begins. The student solves the first question & the next. In this process, he finds it difficult to solve some of them which demoralize him. This pressure is spread across the next CAT questions. And as the CAT exam is a section wise timed exam, the student gets more nervous. Soon he realizes that his 15-20 minutes are just wasted. This is what CAT toppers don’t do! They are CAT exam toppers as they knew their time management strategies. These are very important in the CAT exam.
During CAT 2014, spend the initial minutes browsing across the CAT questions. Be relaxed. This will prove to be very productive as you mark the CAT questions which you’re confident about. Now solve these CAT questions first. This will develop confidence within you & you will remain relaxed.
Hence, developing the skill to identify easy, moderately difficult & very difficult CAT questions is important. You will develop this skill as you solve the CAT mock test papers. You can then easily analyze your strengths & weaknesses & work towards them.
Important tips from an alumnus of IIM Calcutta
Attempt Section-wise CAT mock test
Take section-wise CAT mock test papers instead of full length tests. This helps to achieve 2 important objectives-
  • You realize your weak subjects in each section of quantitative ability, data interpretation, verbal ability & logical reasoning. You can work towards improving these loopholes or avoid them in the CAT 2014 exam.
  • You will be able to devise a final CAT preparation plan to attempt CAT questions from each section.
Revision of Important formulae
While you’re engrossed in your CAT preparation, some important formulae might slip off your brain. Hence, it’s important to revise on the important formulae in areas like Geometry & Mensuration.
The last-minute tips from a CAT topper Ankit Garg, student of IIM Calcutta
During the last minutes when the CAT exam is just days ahead, is the period to relax. Don't stress yourself revising or taking CAT mock test. It's advisable for all CAT students to wrap up during their last minute CAT preparation. You should just revise what you have done & relax. You should listen to your favourite music or go off for a walk or do whatever you like. Don't forget to eat healthy & sleep well. All these things are vital to give you the necessary energy & refreshment when you will appear for CAT exam 2014.
Stay away from unnecessary stress & last-minute discussions between friends about your CAT preparations. This will only give you jitters.
Hence, while you do your CAT preparations don't forget to eat well & sleep well. This is important & will enable you to perform well in CAT 2014.
A person who is an expert of a particular field can only give the most useful tips & tricks of that particular field. Therefore, I am presenting this article. It includes vital excerpts from the CAT toppers & alumnus of IIM Calcutta who are CAT experts. If you remember & follow these easy but important things then you’ll be able to score a high percentile in CAT 2014 exam.

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