Monday, 9 December 2013

How to Prepare for CAT GD - PI

 The Common Admission Test (CAT) just got done with in November and the 1.9 lakh aspirants should now be gearing up for the crucial Group Discussion and Personal Interview (GD/PI) round.  Preparing for the GD/PI round is extremely important considering the competitiveness of CAT.  If you are preparing for CAT GD/PI here are some pointers to ensure you start on the right foot -

Saturday, 7 December 2013

IIT JEE Organic Chemistry Topic, Books, Test and Quizzes

All about IIT JEE Organic Chemistry

When it comes to preparing for IIT JEE, one of the most difficult subjects is Chemistry. Indeed, as opposed to Mathematics or Physics, students find it quite challenging to master Chemistry. Chemistry requires a lot of formula remembering and this is where students have a difficult time.

Friday, 22 November 2013

CAT 2013 GD – PI | CAT Group Discussion and Personal Interview Tips

 The CAT 2013 was conducted between October 16th and November 11th throughout the country.  As the CAT 2013 drew to a close, MBA aspirants are caught up with preparing for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

GD’s and PI’s are an integral part of any B-school’s admission procedure.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when appearing for a Group Discussion with any of the B-school where you have applied.

Monday, 18 November 2013

CMAT for MBA - Some Handy Tips | CMAT 2014

CMAT 2014

Though the CAT is the most popular entrance examination for aspirants seeking to gain admission in B-Schools, even the CMAT has emerged as a good choice for all those who do not wish to appear for the CAT and concentrate on CMAT.

CMAT is conducted by New Delhi-based All India Council of Technical Education. Here are some of the tips to crack the CMAT.

For those who are not aware, the language comprehension section consists of 25 questions. Critical Reasoning is a key area and the difficulty levels greatly vary. Thus, students should revise different concepts related to critical reasoning, particularly on identifying argument elements, argument structure as well as interference- -based problems.

Friday, 1 November 2013

IIT JEE Chemistry Preparation Tips

 The IIT JEE, which henceforth will be known as JEE Advanced, is considered the holy grail of engineering exams. It is an intellectual challenge and the IIT JEE exams are definitely not to be taken lightly! You will do well to take the best from all engineering entrance test preparation tips and put them to use in a way that works for you. Preparations should be serious and systematic. There is no scope for revelry during the study time because perfection is the goal.

Chemistry is a branch of physical science which is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact. It is also a subject that presents lots of hurdles for JEE aspirants. A diligent student of chemistry has the periodic table of the elements etched in his memory and must necessarily be thorough with the formulae and equations for ready appliance.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

CAT 2013 Exam Review

Most CAT aspirants seem to be perplexed when it comes to guessing what they can expect in CAT 2013. Like all years, the CAT 2013 does not come with much of a surprise for the MBA aspirants. The language for the questions has been pretty straight forward. However, needless to say, the exam requires good interpretation skills as well as application skills. The CAT 2013 paper saw concepts in different varieties.

Monday, 28 October 2013

An Overview of DOEACC Certified Programs

The article sheds light on various certification programs offered by DOEACC. Read on to find details about different levels of courses and eligibility criteria for various programs. Here is an overview of DOEACC Certified Programs.